About Summit Academy

Summit Academy Opens a Middle School
The new Summit Academy Middle School opened their doors on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 for grades 6 through 8.  Summit Academy Middle School helps motivate students complete the most  important journey of their lives: the path to academic proficiency, graduation, and success in college or careers.

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High School Brochure

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Summit High School Application 2013-2014
Summit Middle School Application 2013-2014

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Summit Academy Letter of Recommendation Form

Higher Expectations

Summit Academy offers a different approach to non-traditional education. Our program is an opportunity not an obligation. We help Scholars apply the same strength and courage they have shown in their personal lives to achieve outstanding academic growth. And to support each student’s unique journey.  Summit Academy is pleased to offer:

  • Multiple pathways to academic proficiency, graduation, and college or career success.

Denver Public Schools

  • One of four multiple pathway schools.

Graduation Is Possible

  • No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve been told. At Summit Academy, we believe that you can, and will, achieve your goals.
  • If you are motivated to graduate and move on to college or a career, become a Summit Academy Scholar. You will choose from a variety of pathways toward better grades, career preparation and graduation. We will support you in succeeding.

Summit Academy Is Accepting Applications

  • We admit students who have overcome extraordinary challenges, and are serious about completing their journey toward graduation.
  • Once admitted, we will help you apply the same strength and courage you have shown in your personal life to achieve outstanding academic growth. Show the world what you’re made of – apply today!